trumpetteachingAn award winning educator of over 16 years, Jeff fully dedicates himself to his students. Working with musicians of all ages, from beginners to professionals, he has a personal and individualized touch that lets every student’s voice shine through. Whether at schools, universities, summer camps, conservatories, festivals, conferences, music centers, or online through Skype/YouTube, Suzda is a beloved and recognized educator due to his passion for sharing information.

With full-time and part-time classroom teaching experience in both America and Europe, Jeff brings a new approach to teaching which focuses on allowing each student to progress at his/her own level while working within the framework of an ensemble.  He believes in creating individualized lesson plans for all of his students, because no two students learn the same way.


Hancock Rubinsky Award for excellence in teaching
Hancock Rubinsky Award for excellence in teaching

“Jeff is one of those teachers who has an impact on students’ lives well beyond the subject he is teaching. He is the teacher I hope to keep in touch with for the rest of my life. And he is, in part, responsible for the person I have become today. I believe that Jeff would be a positive addition to the faculty of any school. His personality and teaching style inspires students to push themselves further than they have ever been. He is the best teacher I have ever had.”

      Dov B. – Former Middle School student, 2015 Graduate of Ohio State Honors College


“Not only has Mr. Suzda been the greatest music teacher I’ve ever had, but his class has been the first time that creating music has been a truly communal experience. He taught me to push through the boundaries of my classical training and taught me that I could pour my heart into a solo and that my spirit would trump any wrong notes. He put joy back into piano for me and I am so fortunate to have had him as a teacher and a role model”

     Student,  Rockland Country Day School (Congers, NY)


“In addition to being a top notch saxophonist, Jeff is an excellent teacher. He has helped me with the direction of my “In And Out Tentet” (a graduate level ensemble with students that have already finished their French music teaching diploma) at the Conservatoire de Vitry near Paris. If this ensemble is one of the best student ensembles in the Paris region, it is due in large part to Jeff’s contributions : both through the example of his saxophone playing and the concrete help that he has given to the other saxophonists in the ensemble that haven’t had the experience and training that Jeff has benefited from. Upon hearing him play the first time, the assistant director of the Conservatoire de Vitry (who is a Classical Clarinetist) offered him a position at the school.  As a result of his exceptional musicality, reliability and ability to dedicate himself to a project, I have recommended Jeff to many musicians as long as I have known him.”

     Eric Schultz – Director, Conservatory of Vitry and EDIM School (Paris, France)


“Jeff has become a very valuable member of the JDS faculty who provides incredible musical experiences for his students and who serves as a role model to be emulated. Students adore him and work hard to achieve their own personal goals under his tutelage. Fellow teachers enjoy their interactions with him and find him to be forthcoming with assistance whenever called upon. We thank him for all that he does and for the wonderful concerts that he has produced. Performance is the key and also the ultimate goal. Students are accomplishing these goals and surpassing them.”

     June Graff – Arts Department Chair, Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (Washington D.C)



“Jeff’s ability to encourage and empower students to be creatively spontaneous is inspiring!  Without missing a beat, he seamlessly leads [the students] from prior knowledge and skill to current and future challenges.”

     Bev Buncher – Head of School – Charles E. Smith Jewish Day School (Washington D.C.)


“We are so fortunate to have found such an energetic, enthusiastic, wonderful music teacher! We are thrilled that Jeff was part of our family.”

     Rozlyn – Parent (Washington D.C.)